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A Masterclass with Steve Knight



Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Functional Fitness

The #1 Mental Toughness Books In Sports

Perform Your Best With Precise Technique

Take an old-school approach to crushing PRs and winning in competition.


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A Masterclass with Steve Knight

Master perfect positions.

The Problem

The problem is missing make-able attempts. 

The problem is not performing your best in competition. 

The Solution

The solution is entirely mental.

The solution is to be a precision technique to perform your best when it matters most.

You Will Learn

You will learn how to precisely nail the slot when fellow competitors are getting all red lights.

Get The Most

Out of Yourself in Competition

In three sessions, you will learn the primary WINNING STATE precision lifting tactics to crush PRs and win.


WS PL Tactic #1:

Learn the "micro" differences between precise and sloppy technique.

WS PL Tactic #2:

Learn why precise technique kicks aggression's butt.

WS PL Tactic #3:

Learn what "precise nerve-path wiring" is and why it's the difference-maker.


WS PL Tactic #4: 

Learn how to spot "micro breaks" the hinder rapid growth and consistent success.

WS PL Tactic #5:

Learn why macho aggression is a barrier to setting PRs under pressure.

WS PL Tactic #6:

Learn why slightly collapsing under max load is NEVER okay.


WS PL Tactic #7:

Learn why an ultra-strong low/mid back is the key to acceleration and stability.

WS PL Tactic #8: 

Learn what “nerve-path

overload sensation" is, and why training it accelerates gains.

WS PL Tactic #9:

Learn why training with a precision mindset generates rock-solid self-belief in competition.

Steve teaches you the art of lifting and performing as a precision technician.

A Stark Example

Go to Glance over the results from the 2018 Senior National Olympic Lifting Championships. Few competitors delivered a six-for-six performance and most sessions are at least 55% missed attempts. How can missing attempts be motivating and rewarding? It can’t.

Learn From A Specialist

Take your game to the next level.

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Feb 4, 2019, Enterprise, OR

Your new instructor

is a 2x national champion, a state record holder since 1982, a precision lifting specialist, a mental toughness pioneer, a bestselling author, a lifelong entrepreneur, and a masterclass instructor.

Read more about Steve Knight's background, accomplishments, and pioneering work on our About The Author page.

“Precise technique will take your training and performances beyond expectation.” 

~ Steve Knight

Learn How to Spot "Micro Breaks" to Set More PRs  


Steve is more of a BADASS trainer, then he is a coddling counselor. Direct and to the point is what you'll get.


Steve discounts his professional rate of $175 per session for a few timeslots each week to teach driven athletes the art of precision lifting.



Three 40-minute sessions        $145

Six 40-minute sessions             $265



Three 40-minute sessions        $225

Six 40-minute sessions             $390

How Classes Are Conducted

Masterclasses are conducted two ways:

1) via Skype 
2) via phone and computer. 


Either way, Steve and the athlete discuss the information on screen that the athlete had engaged previous to the class.


Homework is required. The athlete prepares for a masterclass by watching videos, and answering three to five precision lifting questions previous to each class.

For Parents

Mental Toughness Masterclass:

Please make sure your athlete’s participation is completely voluntary. Parents are asked to not be in the room with the athlete, peering over their shoulder during classes. Classes are one-on-one.


Thanks in advance. ~ Steve​​PP


Get Started

A Masterclass On Precision Lifting

  • Email Steve your best day and time

  • Receive confirmation and a payment link

  • Send payment

  • Receive a homework plan for the first session

  • Engage the first of three sessions

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