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The #1 Mental Toughness Books In Sports



Life-Changing Books

WINNING STATE books have taught thousands of athletes how to self-generate the mental toughness that turns pressure and nerves into an advantage.

WINNING STATE teaches athletes to believe in themselves.

"This book changed my life." ~ Facebook

Pioneering Work

Since 2002, WINNING STATE has asked pioneering questions that have produced many breakthroughs, including

  1. Are confidence and mental toughness the same? Breakthrough: No.

  2. Are physical toughness and mental toughness the same? Breakthrough: No.

  3. Will pounding physical reps reduce nerves and help handle pressure? Breakthrough: No.

  4. Are nerves a good thing? Breakthrough: Yes!

  5. Do nerves produce human superpowers? Breakthrough: Yes.

  6. Can everyone handle pressure, or only those with genetic "gifts? Breakthrough: Everyone.

  7. Is BIG-DOG self-talk the master skill to stay composed and focused under pressure? Breakthrough: Yes.

These breakthroughs, along with many more, have given coaches and athletes a new approach to handling pressure and winning.

The New Approach

Strength training, conditioning, plyos, and drilling sport-specific skills do not help athletes hand pressure, and never will.

The old approach was physical, The new approach is mental.

Athletes learn how to keep their wits under nerve-wracking pressure. 

Doubt is the Enemy

Another WINNING STATE breakthrough was identifying the villain of every athletes performance story. Doubt is the enemy. The superhero is self-belief. Athletes find their superhero with the tactics in WINNING STATE books.

"The best book I've ever read on the mental game." ~ Facebook

Win the Mental Battles

Athletes learn how to win the mental battles between doubting or believing, scattered or focused, hesitating or executing. With self-generated mental toughness tactics athletes perform better in competition than they do in practice.

Athletes Instantly Get It

WINNING STATE books are written by a national champion. Athletic language and vivid graphics make the tactics and routines easily accessible. Athletes will immediately raise their mental game.

The #1 Mental Toughness Books in Sports

Since 2002, WINNING STATE has taught thousands of athletes how to conquer nerves and win under pressure. The 16-book WINNING STATE series has sold over 200,000 copies.

winning state logo MT books 25 rez white.png
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