The #1 Mental Toughness Books In Sports



Life-Changing Books

The 16-book WINNING STATE series teaches athletes a mental toughness skillset that turns pressure and nerves into a competitive advantage. A skillset that impacts every aspect of the athlete's life.

WINNING STATE teaches athletes to believe in themselves.

"This book changed my life." ~ Facebook

WINNING STATE Answers Essential Questions For Elite-Level Mental Toughness 

Since 2002, WINNING STATE has asked and answered essential, pioneering questions that have advanced mental game training for all sports. Essential questions for elite-level mental toughness that include

  1. What is a mental game?

  2. What should a mental game produce?

  3. What is a competition process?

  4. What is mental toughness?

  5. Does training hard reduce nervousness?

  6. Are nerves good or bad?

  7. What is tactical aggression?

  8. Are confidence and mental toughness the same?

  9. Is adrenaline a human superpower?

  10. Does systematic breathing help settle nerves, increase horsepower, and improve focus?

  11. What does “believing in one’s self” mean?

  12. Does every athlete, at every level, doubt themselves in competition?

  13. How important is great self-talk to maintaining composure under pressure?

  14. Does mental preparation help to reduce the chaos in competition and turn pressure and nerves into an advantage?

And more.​

Once the athlete can implement the answers to these foundational questions they will be able to hang tough under pressure and execute like they know they’re capable of, instead of leaving “it” in training.

Tactics to Defeat Doubt

Competition—unlike practice—creates nervy emotions that shatter confidence and lead to doubt and hesitation.

WINNING STATE provides elite-level mental toughness tactics athletes use to silence the fear of blowing it and to instead believe they have what it takes to succeed. Only mentally tough athletes defeat doubt by taking control with the mental game.

Tactics to Win the Mental Battle

WINNING STATE teaches athletes how to respond to pressure with a level head. Athletes get life-changing mental toughness tactics to win the mental battle and deliver clutch performances.

"The best book I've ever read on the mental game." ~ Facebook

Action Photos & Graphic Illustrations

WINNING STATE books are loaded with action photos and graphic illustrations that engage the reader and visually explain the concepts.

Athletic Language

WINNING STATE skips the psychobabble and gets down to business. Inside is athletic language and vivid illustrations for the athlete to immediately add the mental toughness tactics to their mental game.

A New Approach to Competing

Skill drilling, strength training, cardio conditioning, and all forms of plyos will not help the athlete handle pressure.

WINNING STATE provides a new approach to mentally prepare for competition to handle pressure and nerves. Athletes learn the mental toughness skills to have precise focus and rock-solid self-belief in competition.

The #1 Mental Toughness Books in Sports

WINNING STATE is the most read, the most talked about, the most believed in mental toughness books in sports.

Since 2002, WINNING STATE has taught tens of thousands of athletes how to conquer nerves and win under pressure. The 16-book series has sold over 120,000 copies.