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WinningSTATE Men's Soccer Paper Book
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Paper Book

Price: $19.95
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  • Spiral-bound, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Edition: 4.0
  • 164 pages, 7 Chapters
  • ISBN:978-0976536161
  • Publisher: Let’s Win! International
  • Author: Steve Knight
  • Release date: Jan 2013



Our goal is to change lives. Our goal is to provide a world-class competition process athletes (and coaches) use to handle the pressure and deliver clutch performances.

WinningSTATE focuses on competing. It’s for ages 14+, from beginner to Olympian. It's for athletes who have the passion to advance their mental game to consistently be more competitive under pressure.

WinningSTATE — Men's Soccer 4.0 teaches athletes that winning is mental, not physical, and that no one “deserves” to win, we must take it. WinningSTATE shows athletes how to coach themselves up, instead of tearing themselves down by using a competition process to crush the fear of blowing it and instead believe they have what it takes to succeed.


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Winning_STATE_a.jpg Winning_STATE_b.jpg Winning_STATE_back.jpg Winning_STATE_c.jpg Winning_STATE_d.jpg Winning_STATE_e.jpg Winning_STATE_f.jpg Winning_STATE_front.jpg Winning_STATE_g.jpg Winning_STATE_h.jpg Winning_STATE_i.jpg Winning_STATE_j.jpg Winning_STATE_k.jpg Winning_STATE_l.jpg Winning_STATE_m.jpg Winning_STATE_n.jpg Winning_STATE_o.jpg Winning_STATE_p.jpg Winning_STATE_q.jpg Winning_STATE_r.jpg Winning_STATE_s.jpg Winning_STATE_t.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Believe98-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Believe99-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Believe108-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Believe109-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Dream124-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Dream125-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Dream126-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Dream127-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Fuel42-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Fuel43-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Fuel48-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Fuel49-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Intro-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Intro1-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Switch12-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Switch13-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Switch14-web.jpg Winning_STATE_WS M Soccer_4_Switch15-web.jpg

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